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Urol Res Pract 2002; 28: 42-47
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For the follow-up of post radical prostatectomy, PSA is an important parameter for assesing the rest tumor and recurrence of tumor. Recurrence of this PSA called as biochemical recurrence. In this study we evaluated the sort of elevation in PSA levels of patients who had radical prostatectomy in our clinic and referred as recurrence.

In our clinic we performed radical retropubic prostatectomy to 195 patients for localized prostate cancer between September 1992 and April 2000. The mean age of the patients was 64.07 (58-74). Mean follow up was 41.18 (12-96) months.

In postoperative period increase in PSA was assessed in 23 patients. After recurrence of PSA these patients were evaluated with scanning, TRUS and CT and found no metastasis. In this group the earliest and latest PSA recurrence third and sixth months respectively. For biochemical recurrence, levels of PSA were assessed at least two times. PSA over 0.4 ng/ml was considered as recurrence. According to our findings we separated patients into two groups. Patients having PSA recurrence in the first three months and after three months is considered as early and late recurrence respectively. Of 23 patients having recurrence, 14 (60.86%) had late and 9 (39.13%) had early recurrence group. Recurrence in late and early group were between 38 (15-73) months and 6.22 (3-12) months respectively.

Factors like preoperative PSA value, invasion of the vesicula seminalis, pozitive surgical margins are important for presumption of biochemical recurrence (elevation of PSA) after radical prostatectomy. Especially cases with risks should be closed followed up. In cases that have elevation PSA should be evaluated and treated individually because there is no widely acceptable consensus for the diagnosis and treatment of these subjects.

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