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Glans Preserving Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty for Glandular and Distal Urethral Strictures


Department of Urology, Antwerp University Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium


University of Antwerp Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/ ASTARC, Antwerp, Belgium


Adolescent and Reconstructive Urology, University College London Hospitals, London, UK

Urol Res Pract 2022; 48: 309-314
DOI: 10.5152/tud.2022.22024
Read: 539 Downloads: 173 Published: 01 July 2022

Background: To describe a step-by-step approach for glans preserving urethroplasty with a dorsal inlay graft used for distal urethral strictures.

Description of the Technique: The reconstruction was performed through a keyhole incision in the urethra. In this way, we achieve maximal exposure by a minimal incision and saving of the glans. After incision of the diseased dorsal urethral mucosa through the keyhole and the meatus, a buccal mucosa graft pull-through resulting in a dorsal inlay is done.

Patient(s) and Methods: We treated 10 patients in different clinical settings with success by using the newly described technique below. We highlight and illustrate 1 case of a 34-year-circumcised male. Antegrade urethrogram showed a distal penile and fossa navicularis stricture with a total estimated length of 3.5 cm.

Results: In this specific case the glans sparing approach had a surgical duration of 115 minutes. After 3 weeks the urinary catheter was removed. At 12 months, the patient reported no remaining urinary tract symptoms. Examination showed a fully healed lesion and an adequate uroflowmetry with a Qmax of 24 mL/s coming from 4 mL/s pre-operatively. In our 10-patient case series, all treated patients had complete resolution of their complaints, significant improvement in flow rates and excellent cosmetic results without complications.

Conclusion: In selected cases, the described technique is feasible, safe, and effective with excellent functional outcomes and better cosmetic results especially due to the glans preservation.

Cite this article as: De Laet C, De Win G. Glans preserving buccal mucosa urethroplasty for glandular and distal urethral strictures. Turk J Urol. 2022;48(4):309-314.

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